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We are more than willing to share our knowlegde and experience with you. We, for example, regulary give (guest)lectures. Would you like us to provide your organization with a lecture, we will be happy to visit you. We love to tell you about our profession and the topics we work with, so do not hesitate to contact us for the possibilities and more information. 

The FIOD ‘visiting’

A visit from the FIOD often comes unexpectedly for entrepreneurs, tax specialists and accountants and is certainly not something that occurs every day. A visit is often accompanied by a lot of tension and can cause stress for you and your employees. Do you know the rules and your rights and obligations? Are your employees aware of what they have to do and, above all, what they should not do. While you hope it will never happen to you, you do not want to be surprised when time comes it will. At VOI advocaten, we can let you experience in a safe environment what it feels like to get a visit from the FIOD. After all, well begun is half done, so by experiencing and evaluating a FIOD visit in a simulated setting you will be well prepared. If you would like to know more about this, please feel free to contact Ivo Leenders on telephone number 085-9029620.


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