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We are specialized in procedural tax law and financial criminal law (white collar crime). As a resolute team of experienced and eager professionals, we commit ourselves to those clients that have a (looming) conflict with the Dutch Tax Authorities, FIOD (Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service) and the Dutch Public Prosecution Service every day. These conflicts often entail administrative or criminal investigations, disputes and procedures in which cash flows, fiscal aspects and financing structures play a key role. Cases where emotions can run high and reputations are at stake. We know this world and the roads that lead to solutions. In the Netherlands and abroad. We get our energy and our motivation out of defending your interests and from the fact that when we work together, the chance of success is the largest. We realise that no case is the same and every case requires a bespoke approach. Although we can never guarantee the outcome, we at VOI share a common goal: to achieve the best possible result in your case. That is why our motto is: Successful together.


The name “VOI” has several meanings. The individual letters stand for our core values: Vooruitstrevend (Pioneering, Innovative), Oplossingsgericht (Solution-oriented), Integer (Integrity). Further, “voi” in Italian means “you” (both singular and plural). This name confirms our business philosophy that, to put our knowledge and experience to use every day to look after your interests as our client, is our delight and what gives us energy. Fun fact: VOI is an anagram of our founder, Ivo.

LegalfLix – Actualiteiten verschoningsrecht

Op 17 maart 2021 gaven mr. I. Leenders en mr. C. van der Voort van VOI Advocaten en mr. Debbie Liem – advocaat-belastingkundige VDB een webinar bij Legalflix…


Naar aanleiding van het bericht van vele horecaondernemers dat zij dinsdag 2 maart a.s. hun terrassen open willen doen, ondanks de thans geldende Covid-regelgeving, hebben wij met Koch Advocaten en Hans van Oijen (eigenaar Hans van Oijen Juridisch Bedrijfsadvies BV) informatie op onze websites geplaatst voor horecaondernemers.


Om gebruikers/bezoekers van onze website gelegenheid te bieden om zo volledig mogelijk gebruik te maken van de functies van de website, plaatsen wij “cookies” op het apparaat. Lees ze hier.